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General Information About our Tests

Psychometric? What is that?

Strictly speaking, psychometric is the science of measuring mental capacities and processes. These mental capacities include areas such as aptitude, ability, personality, memory, happiness and intelligence.

Explain a Psychometric Test.

A psychometric test is a method used to determine a persons mental capacities. standardized scale. Many different tests have been developed by different researchers of Psychology all with slight differences but a similar desired outcome.

Psychometric tests have been stated by multiple researchers as the most accurate means of determining ones characteristics and tendencies by use of a psychological test.

How are the Results of a Psychometric Test Assessed?

Results from each individual question are compared with our professional analysis of what each answer implies. The total of your answers is then considered as a whole and with statistical approximatation, overarching conclusions are made.

Can I Improve my Results?

The results of certain psychometric tests can be improved but in most cases psychometric tests are not like traditional exams where a score implies your intelligence or ability. Instead, results from psychometric tests give you a deeper understand of your mental capabilities in a multitude of areas.

The results can be used to tailor your decisions and self to strengths. They also may help you understand tendencies or recurring patterns or themes you experience in your life.